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The Integrated Solutions Department at South Country has been actively testing technology that will allow us to target apply fungicide.  After reviewing results from 2014 tests, we are confident we have a process that will save you time and money.

Use Satellite Imagery to

delineate differences in 

vegetative growth in your 

field.  These maps are then 

used to develop an ON/OFF

application map for

fungicide applications.

Fungicide resistance development - often associated with the prolonged use of fungicides is a known risk.  Applying fungicides only when and where necessary is a part of an integrated strategy to limit product use and ensure efficacy of the products we rely on.

Know your ROI before we build a map!

We will NOT build an application map unless we can demonstrate a Return on Investment based on your field and product cost.


  • Reduce the total amount of product applied
  • Reduce input costs
  • Maintain productivity
  • Improve economic return
  • More ground covered per tank of spray


NOTE: You must have a 2600 or a 2630 Greenstar display.

South Country is prepared to work with you or your local agronomist to develop a plan! To learn more about satellite imagery and how South Country can save you big dollars on your 2015 input costs - complete the enquiry form, we will contact you shortly!


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