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At SCE we know precision farming is a vital part of your farming operation. We have the ability to pull your whole farming operation together and align your machinery with Ag Management Solution products to allow you to be more efficient and productive in the field - all while collecting data of your inputs and yields. Then that data can be utilitzed to make better decisions and add profitability to your farming operation.

Our goal at SCE is to provide John Deere FarmSight Services which will include solutions for Machine Optimization, Logistics Optimization and Ag Decision Support. With that goal in mind, we are pleased to announce that Ryan Hutchison has joined our team to lead our Integrated Solutions department. Ryan comes with an extensive background in the Precision Ag business and experience in new product technology development. His focus will be on delivering technological and Agronomic solutions and services which will ensure that SCE continues to provide customer service that is "A Leap Ahead"!

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Want to learn More? The Greenstar Display (GS3 2630) Training Simulator can be at your fingertips! It is a Windows application installed on your laptop/computer that replicates the functionality of the display.

Click here to Download the Simulator!

John Deere FarmSight integrates technolgy and equipment to link operators, farm managers and SCE. You can gather and manage information, monitor machine performance and ensure peak efficiency

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