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South Country is NOW a Honda Power Equip Dealer

South Country Equipment is pleased to announce that we are now a Honda Power Equipment and a Portable Honda Marine Dealer. 


Honda Power Equipment




Partnering with this well known supplier makes perfect sense when our intention is to always provide the best experience for our customers. The Honda brand has proven to provide durable, high quality and reliable power equipment from generators, lawn mowers, tillers, and snow blowers to water pumps..  

Honda products are easy to start and they don't mix oil and gasoline which makes them cleaner to handle and operate.  They are easy to use, dependable and  fuel efficient so fewer fill-ups and low emissions. 

Owning a Honda Power Equipment product purchased at South Country means you also have our dealership providing the support and service over its lifetime!

 Lawn Mowers:

Every Honda lawn mower features a 4-stroke engine that delivers smooth, quiet performance.

Honda Lawnmowers

Honda Tillers Honda Versatile Trimmers
Honda Tillers are powered by 4-stroke engines that don't mix oil and gas. From the smallest to the largest tiller, you'll find high quality components and commercial-grade features that make short work of tough jobs.

Leave behind fully conditioned soil at its best!

Honda Trimmers have exclusive ergonomic elements in their design, which allow for comfortable operation during prolonged use. And each Honda trimmer is built to be durable and reliable.


Honda Generators Honda Water Pumps
Honda Generators are found hard at work around the world and in very harsh climates. The latest Honda Inverter models are smaller, lighter and quieter than ever before.

The exclusive Honda Cycloconverter technology allows you to get more power, less weight and stable high-quality power for sensitive equipment.

Honda Water Pumps are innovative with durable construction, high powered engines and are lightweight for easy portability. Every Honda water pump features a reliable 4-stroke engine that delivers smooth, quiet performance.





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